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June 1917
bad order & could hardly eat anything Everybody was busy cleaning saddlery, bits & irons today as the G.O.C. Desert Column is inspecting tomorrow.

Sunday 10th
The GOC inspected us at 10.30 am Everybody hates inspections & he was freely cursed everywhere for all the trouble everybody had to go to. However, everything passed off alright. He said that B Sqdn. horses were the best he had seen & that the men also were looking splendid & fit. Our bits & stirrup iron got an adverse comment, so I suppose we are in for some hard rubbing in the future. More beer was issued out, 1 bottle per man. Was feeling much fitter today. Heard that the Tommies advanced last night & did good work near Gaza. Don't know if it is true. Good news also came from France where the British & French have both advanced.

Monday 11th to 18th
The weather has been getting hotter. We get an issue of beer now, a little more than a bottle per man per day.
I had my 29th birthday during the week. It turned out as expected very dull with nothing to celebrate it

[Sir Philip Chetwode, GOC Desert Column]

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