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April. May 1917
fantassies into them. It was nearly dark when we got back to Sheikh Nuran & then we had to shift out on outpost. We were in reserve so had a great nights sleep.

Sunday 29th
We moved again further to the left. Barbed wire had been put out in front. Infantry has come out & they make it a lot lighter for us. There was a fair bit of shelling. I wrote 3 letters & got them posted. Had a shower or two of rain.

Monday 30th
We had more showers in the morning. There was also a fair artillery duel We got good news of fresh successes in France. Enemy planes were very active during the afternoon & flew very low over our part of the line. We put a tremendous rifle & machine gun fire into them but with no visible effect.

Tuesday 1st May
We "stood to" at 3 am. A Turkish attack was expected. They opened up a bombardment near Gaza about 3.30 am but the fire decreased after a couple of hours. An enemy plane came over & dropped 3 bombs near the Wadi where we water our horses. No damage was done.

Wednesday 2nd May
We heard that the Turks

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