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May 1917
Our plane as usual was brought down. The aviator narrowly escaped being burnt as his clothes were on fire when some of the Light Horse galloped out to where he fell. Australian mail in Received 3 letters & several papers.

Saturday 12th
Started out at 6.15 am for Shallal springs. We had to report to an engineer officer there, but he didn't turn up, so we did nothing. Might as well have stayed in camp. At 11 oclock the Brigade moved out over the Wadi At 4.30 pm our artillery started firing & kept it up till dark. Saw 2 scraps between our planes & Jacko's but with no result. We came home at 7 oclock after doing nothing all day. Usual stunt ! Getting used to it now. Moral victory & all that ! '3 cheers' & we are winning the war ! Hope they aren't doing it on the other fronts like we are here.

Sunday 13th
Had a day in camp. The flies are getting very bad & most of the men are suffering from septic sores. We get a little fresh meat & vegetables now & are also able to get canteen stuff. Everything is tinned. Some reinforcements arrived at Belah, so we sent men in

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