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August 1917
work goes, but am getting fed up of details camps. They have too many restrictions & require the top notch of efficiency all the time. The weather has been terribly hot & work of any sort is a strain. Have answered most of my letters, but have a few more to finish off yet. Went into Ismailia for the afternoon & evening of the 4th & again on the 11th We generally go up to the N.Z. soldiers café where they generally have some decent music

On Sunday 12th Gurney, Harrison & myself went to the School of Instruction at Zeitoun for a 5 weeks Cavalry Course. We were glad to get away. Caught the 2 oclock train & got up to the School a little after 6 oclock. There only 32 NCOs in the school & about the same number of officers. We were all allotted rooms , about 3 or 4 in each room. There is a servant to each room. On Monday we got to work early. A Squadron

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