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April 1917
They were acting as a flank guard. Many enemy planes came over & dropped bombs & the 1st Brigade lost 36 men & 73 horses. We dug in near the Wadi during the day. 6 of our planes went out over the Turks position & dropped bombs. They flew very low & one of ours was brought down by shell fire We moved to another camp & got to sleep at about 9 oclock.

Saturday 21st
Did nothing all day except a 3 mile trip for water. In the afternoon we relieved the NZs on outpost & occupied Weli Sheikh Nuran trenches at night. These are beautiful trenches miles of them & it is a wonder why they ever left them. We had a quiet night & managed to get a fair bit of sleep.

Sunday 22nd
At daylight we saddled & went SW about 4 miles & rounded up a few armed Bedouins. Came back to Weli Sheikh Nuran watered, fed & got our rations & went out a couple of miles on outpost.

Monday 23rd
At daylight B Troop went on patrol. We passed through several villages & gardens. We could hardly get

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