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June 1917
Had dinner in town & went to the pictures later. Came back to camp fairly early. Was feeling very tired walking about on the hard roads. On Sunday had an easy day in camp, slept most of the time. Went for a swim after tea

Monday 25th
Started another week's work. Am not finding too much to do & after I get the parades away settle down on my bunk for a read. There was a big concert on at night. The programme was very good. The Tommie's Band played splendidly.

Tuesday 26th June to Wednesday July 4th
Have been kept going pretty solid during this period. A fair number of men went up to the School of Instruction. Machine gunners & signallers. I put in an application for 7 days Leave of Absence to Cairo & Alexandria & got the doctor to recommend it. On 30th we sent 5 men out to the regiment & on the 4th July only 28 went. Another 20 will be following in a few more days. The weather has been very hot & windy, but not as hot as last summer. Still it has been

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