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June 1917
6 in all caught the 6.30 pm train from Khan Yunis

Tuesday 19th
The train ride to Kantara took us 13 hours. It was very crowded & in open trucks. We got hot tea at intervals on the way down which added much to the comfort of the journey. It was nearly 11 oclock when we got to Moascar & report to the camp orderly room. Found a lot of the old hands there & they all look pretty well. We soon found out that we didn't come here for a spell, for we had to fall in with rifles at 3 oclock I got out of the drill as I took over Sergeant Major. The camp is very comfortable & clean will [sic] all conveniences & there is a splendid Sergeant's Mess. Went down to Lake Timsah in the afternoon & had a good dip Thousands of troops are arriving here from Salonica & guns of all sizes

Wednesday 20th
Started work & didn't have a very hard day. Am beginning to get the hang of things The men in training here, if not on a permanent camp duty have a

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