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October 1917
practically empty & although it is always a rough ride I did enjoy having a bit of room to lie down & have a sleep. Got to Kantara on Monday morning at 4 am. Went to the Soldiers Club there had a shower bath & a shave & then went on to Moascar. Had lunch there & went on to Alexandria by the 2-10 train. Had to stand a good part of the way as the train was crowded. Went to the Windsor Hotel , had a good dinner & went to bed. Was feeling very tired as I had very little sleep since Saturday night. Reported for duty next morning at 9 oclock. The time soon passes as they knock off at 4 oclock. Went with Sgt Long to afternoon tea at Mrs Cornishs place. They have a scotch nurse for the 3 youngsters & they are great kids.

25th to 29th
Find work here very easy, have plenty of time off to knock about. We got a big mail in on the 27th I got 6 letters & 2 more on thew 29th. Have been going pretty strong answering them. On Saty

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