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March 1918

Wednesay 13th
There is a fair bit of work coming in especially on Wednesdays & Thursdays. An Australian mail was delivered today. Got 1 letter from home, one from Doles & 1 from Edna Ferguson. I believe there is another boat arriving in a few days time. There was a social at the Australian Soldiers Club. Quiet a number of nurses were there & we had a nice little evening finishing up at about a quarter to 11.

Thursday 14th
The day was very warm & windy & dusty in the afternoon. Nearly everybody is putting up blue & red stripes. A soldier leaving for active service in 1914 can wear 1 red & 3 blues. Then there are good conduct stripes turned down on the left sleeve & As on the colour patches on your shoulder for Gallipoli service. I havn't taken to wearing any of them yet. Some of the chaps will be stripes & colours all over if the war goes on much longer. Put in for a pass for a week end leave to Alexandria.

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