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February 1917
& then went for a swim. The water was fairly cold. At 11 oclock attended the sick camel parade & watched them all treated. They are dirty creatures to handle & I don't think it is possible for anyone to like them The Brigade went out early in the morning as a covering party to a vessel taking soundings on the coast. Am picking up a bit of Arabic & often have little yarns with the nigs. It is the only way to learn.

Monday 26th
In the morning went with the sick parade & later went over to the Regiment. There were 3 mines exploded that were washed ashore It was a good sight to see them go off. A Taube came over in the morning. An Australian mail arrived. I only received 1 letter from home.

Tuesday 27th
Had nothing to do all day. The Brigade was out on reconnaissance & saw some mounted Turks. Some gift stuff arrived & was distributed & was very acceptable no canteen being yet out here

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