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April 1917
came up this afternoon. They look very formidable & are heavily armoured & armed. They are all named, such as "Lion", "Tiger" "War Baby" "Pincher" etc & some of them carry 6 pounder guns. They ought to give Jacko a surprise in a few days.

Tuesday 3rd
The Turks opened up a lively artillery fire first thing in the morning. For some reason our own guns did not reply for some time, but when they did Jacko soon knocked off. Under cover of his artillery he sent out a strong party but they were heavily punished.

Wednesday 4th
Finished up with the camels & transported myself back to the Squadron. The Brigade went out on 24 hrs outpost in the afternoon. We were expecting a bombing attack to day & our aeroplanes were up all the time, but the bombs did not eventuate.

Thursday 5th
The day was very warm, so enjoyed a good swim. There was some artillery fire. Enemy planes are over every day & get heavily fired at always

Friday 6th
Reveille at 5 am. Started right away & put in several hours cleaning our saddles & all equipment. The General was to inspect in the

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