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and went out on the Nile round Elephantine Island to Kitcheners Island, which is a very pretty place, being one big garden. We got back to the hotel for dinner & afterwards went round the Bazaars. I did not buy anything as it would be too much trouble carrying the things around. Next morning we took donkeys & went to Shellal crossed the River & visited the Temple of Philae. We got a good chance to see it as the dam is open & the Island the temple is on is dry. Often it is under water, so very little of it can be seen. It is over 3000 years old & it is wonderful how preserved the place is. A lot of the relief work has been damaged by the Early Christians & Roman s but still enough remains to recognise the figures All the history of the time & of different Kings are carved on the walls on the temples. Victories were commemorated in this way

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