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Sunday 4th
Went for a ride along the line & got my horse a good feed of barley      The country as one goes East improves splendidly, what with crops, orchards & green pastures. An enemy plane came over & was heavily fired at. It seemed to us as though it was hit but she turned straight back. One of our planes was brought down in our lines and they fixed her up alright.

Monday 5th
The Brigade was out all day. We hear the Turks are evacuating Shellal so the long promised big scrap will be postponed. Posted letters to Arthur Blomfield & Aunt Carrie.

Tuesday 6th
Went over to the dump with the camels & drew the Brigade Rations. Was finished before dinner time. The NZealand Brigade have opened a canteen & I got a good supply of stuff there.

Wednesday 7th
Was on orderly duties. Took the camels out for exercise at 6 am

Thursday 8th
The Brigade moved out & occupied a new camp on the sea shore, about 3 miles from Rafa

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