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July 1917
come back to camp

Monday 23rd
Had a little more to do this morning, what with weekly returns & some men going out.

Tuesday 24th to Friday 3rd August
Things have livened up in the QM's department here. About 100 reinforcements marched in & several batches have gone out which makes a good deal of work. Found out that cousin Keith Morice is here & went up to the Isolation camp to see him He is in charge of a cable section & they all went on to Alexandria after coming out of Isolation.
The weather has been very hot these last few days. Have been into Ismailia a few times to the baths Generally go for a walk after tea There is always a cool breeze every afternoon. We often go to the pictures. It is about the only recreation there is here.

3rd August to Sunday 12th August
We got the long expected Australian mail on the 10th. Have been having a fairly easy a time during the last few days as far as actual

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