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March 1918
Stayed for supper & got back to our quarters about ½ past 10.

Monday 18th
Had little to do in the morning so wrote a couple of letters, one to Doles. Saw
our colonel in the afternoon he has just come back from Australia. Remained in during the evening. Had some music in our Recreation Room at the Quarters.

Tuesday 19th
Had a fair bit of work to do, but enjoyed a good sleep in the afternoon. 5 of us got a box at the Opera House, & saw Miss Hook of Holland. It was really very good & quite witty.

Wednesday 20th
Usual day at the office. Went round to the Bank in the afternoon. Still no money. It is over a month since I cabled. Went to see the Mummers, a soldier troop who are giving 1 performance here at the Piccadilly. They are quite worth hearing.

Thursday 21st
Wrote a letter or two as there is not much work coming in now. Went for a walk in the afternoon.

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