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May 1917
very little opposition was encountered & several miles of line, Railway platforms & Reservoirs were destroyed. We left to come back at 3.30 & got back to camp at 11 pm after a tiresome ride of about 18 miles most of it in the dark. Sgt Sullivan went to hospital

Thursday 24th
An enemy plane came over & dropped several bombs. 8 or 9 men were wounded & some horses killed. An Australian mail came in I got 3 letters, 2 from home & 1 from Roy.

Friday 25th
More bombs were dropped this morning. The camel corps got them. Several camels were killed don't know if any men got hit. Got in a good supply of canteen stuff & divided it amongst the troop. The YMCA now supply the Regts in bulk & the QMs divide it out. It is a good way of keeping up extras to the troops. Some light clothes I sent to Alex for arrived to day & it was a welcome change to get the heavy old "chatty" togs off.

Saturday 26th
Some more reinforcements arrived. I got 3 in "B" troop & am up to full strength again. There is a certainty of us moving back for a spell in a day or two. Only hope they give us leave as most

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