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February 1917
game. The Auckland Regt & the Wellingtons played a draw. An Australian mail arrived. I only got 2 letters

Febry 15th
Got some rain during the night & it was cloudy & windy all day. Numbers of our aeroplanes went out over Turkish positions & I heard later dropped 1600 lbs of bombs. There were 2 football matches in the afternoon. The match between the Wellington & Auckland Mounted Rifles was drawn, neither side scoring & it was a good exhibition of football.

Febry 16th
The day was cloudy & cold. We had the usual morning parade mounted.

Saturday 17th
Another party of 7 men per squadron went on leave at 3 am I had to turn out & see them away The morning was extremely cold with a fair bit of rain & wind There was no parade in the morning. In the afternoon the 2nd Brigade played the NZ Brigade football, the NZs winning by 6 points to nil. It was a stubborn game, the NZ forwards were splendid, as also

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