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December 1917
Also see a good number of the boys who are up on leave, so am kept well posted in all the news. The worst of living here is the drain on the cash. One never seems to have enough felouse. They are so many hundreds of little things a man wants. I have been enjoying myself a good deal, often go to the Kursaal & concerts & sometimes to picture shows.

Decr – January 1918
We had a good dinner at our mess on Christmas day. Everything was there one could wish for. I had to meet Dick Busby & George Berry, as they are coming with me to the Briggs on Xmas afternoon, so will have a second xmas dinner there.
Mrs Briggs prepared a good dinner & we had some music afterwards & enjoyed ourselves immensely. We took presents out for the 3 little girls. Olive Dorothy
& Eva & they were very pleased with them.

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