Item 03: Gordon Macrae diary, 20 January 1917-18 April 1918 - Page 95

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January 1918
on Tuesday Captain Todd turned up & I went round to the National Hotel & had dinner with him and a Lieut Philip from the same Battalion. We had champagne & quite a dinner. After dinner they got a box at the Kursaal & we heard the "Scamps" in the "girl on the Train", enjoyed the show. Captain Todd & Philip I saw a great deal of when in town. We had a motor ride to Helouan one afternoon & afternoon tea at San Giovanni Went out to Briggs one aft evening Todd charmed them all with his playing & singing. On Saturday afternoon the 3 of us went to the Races. I did no good but the other 2 won. Met a French lady friend Madame Bannarow on the lawn. Another French woman was with her. They made us take afternoon tea with them. She was taken with Todd's Croix de Guerre, & wanted me to bring him out to see her at her home in Helmich.

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