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a different "basin" as they found it did not pay to have the Regts' too close together when attacked by aeroplanes, previously the 2nd & 3rd Regts were in the same basin & made a good target for bomb dropping & that was the reason the 1st L.H. had no casualties a few days ago
Sand flies are very bad & give both horses & men a rough time here

Mon 5th
This morning at 4 oclock A Troop went to Hill 110 & I also went & Les & Reidy had to work telephone station from above water troughs, had a good bit of work to do this morning as I had 3 stations going pretty regular & came in at one oclock; Les & Reid are on till dark; Bob Butter was transferred from the 6th to this Regt. & arrived today; Divisional Head Quarters also came here today & a fatigue party from this Regt had to go & pitch their tents;
Received an account of battle in North Sea today saying 14 English & 13

[Battle of Jutland, 31 May -1 June 1916]

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