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to the plane in the dark Major Smith & a troop were left to take the bearings of the plane & the rest of the Regt started for Debabis tired but satisfied. we soon encountered the hills that we could not go over which threw us off our course & then a bog got in our way, which meant a mile ride to the west to get round it, & by midnight the officers leading came to the conclusion they were lost. the night was hot, & our bottles dry & a good many lads mouths were parched for the want of water, & they were dropping off to sleep as they rode along; at 1.30 a halt was called

Fri 23rd
At 1.30 this morning a halt was called & six volunteers were called who felt confident they could find the camp. these came without hesitation & they set out in pairs, while Richardson (Sig) myself, Major Granville & Capt Harris started off due south to find the telephone line, & we struck it within half a mile from where we halted & only

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