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One fell in the sea near El-Arish & the plane was towed ashore & burned one of the other planes brought the aviator back, the second came down 5 miles this side of El-Arish the aviator of this machine was also brought back by another plane & the 3rd with the Flight Commandant on board was missing no one knowing what happened to him, but a later report from Kantana said 10 planes had returned & the plane reported missing had turned up

Charlie Linsell received 3 days leave to go to Alexandria last Thursday to see his father who is going to England, he returned today.
The Tommies here cannot stand the work too well on the desert & give us a good deal of kid stakes for the amount we are doing. There is a very popular rumor afloat that we shall soon go to England but it is one of many; Leask arrived back from the School of Instruction a few days ago.

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