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but at Hill 70 both Mikhael Harman & A Sqd Interpreter, asked for their discharge as they could not stand the heat on the desert. the H.Q. Interpreter is still with us & managed to get here on his donkey
The day before yesterday the 6th L.H. & a Sqd of N.Z.M.R. came back from a long trip after Turks they were out from 3 AM Monday till 4 PM Tuesday without water some of them had to leave their horses to get back as they knocked up several of their horses were shot & all their Officers went down to it from thirst, 4 officers & about 40 men were sent to hospital from the gruelling they got & about 30 New Zealanders were also put in hospital;
When the Sqd of Tommies were captured about 7 mile from here a few weeks ago the Tommies stationed here made a hurried retreat the 6th L.H. arriving the day after the tommies left, & some of the first were lucky enough to get a

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