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Sat 24th
Received a parcel from home today & I [it?] could not have arrived at a more convenient time & is quite a luxury after bully beef & biscuits I went to the canteen this morning & managed to get a few tins of fruit & half dozen lemons at 2d each so should live well for a day or two; An order came through today asking for a report on the state of the men but do not know what the reply was, a good many have been going away weak & sick, but practically all of us still have a kick left & can carry on. but we would be better for a months spell if it could be done at all.

Yesterday a party of Worcestershire Yeomanry went to Oghratina to bury the dead Tommies lying about there & the officer in charge of the party recognised his own brother among the dead by a scarf round his neck with his name on it.

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