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English Infantry has sprung up near Katib Gannit (Pinnacle) within the last couple of days; All enemy 'planes are referred to here as Taubes but it is seldom we see a Taube now, most of the 'planes we see now are Albatross 'planes, & all the enemy planes look faster & neater than ours, & their engines have a much nicer hum

4 Turks were captured today & one of the 3rd L.H.R. wounded through the leg; Left Qatia at 8.30 tonight & arrived back in camp at 11.30

Tue 25th
Frank Hobson turned up here on the 20th with a few other Reinforcements; Today 23 more reinforcements came on the scene & 17 horses. Had nothing to do today, but had to stand to our horses once as an enemy 'plane, (Avatic) paid us a visit, a

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