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Thurs 22nd
Last night at 9 oclock we left Oghratina & arrived at Debabis at midnight. The 3rd Regt had left early during the night & were going through Bir-El-Abd where they expected to meet the Turks, but the Turks had gone & the 3rd arrived back at Debabis at 10 oclock this morning with two Bedouin prisoners who assert they were our own agents sent out by the English Intelligence Department to visit El-Arish to find out the strength of Turkish troops stationed there & were allowed 15 days for the journey. they had passes written in English but as their photographs were not on their passes they were brought back
after arriving at Debabis we had to stand by our horses till the 3rd Regt returned in case of an attack, but as soon as they returned we commenced watering & feeding our horses, but the last had not finished watering when we received a message to push on to Bir-El-Abd as word had come through that the scout plane had been located N.W. of Bir-El-Abd

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