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Regt, a lad of the 2nd Regt was shot through the temple as he was about to mount to come back & died within an hour or two;
C. Squadron came back to Qatia about 8 oclock tonight & soon afterwards we started for Romani; Major Chambers of the 2nd L.H. took his Squadron to Bir-Es-Sagia today & could see no sign of the Turks, & we decided to water their horses there, & did not put on a guard.

One of the lads later on had to leave the horses for a few minutes, & only went a few yards when he saw 2 Battalions of Infantry crawling towards them on hands & knees, he walked back to the horses & gave the alarm, & they had to run the gauntlet of the Turkish fire & strange to say no one was hit. As C Sqd was retiring tonight from Oghratina the Turks gave them two shots from an artillery gun, both shots fell short. It was nearly midnight when we got back to Romani

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