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Fri 26th
Reveille at 3.30 as usual & Les went to the pinnacle on duty till breakfast time, I then relieved him till dinner time & Reidy went on from dinner time till tea time; The 6th Regt went to Hill 70 during the night & the 3rd Regt turned up here today Meredith was with them; The aeroplane was over us again today as usual & dropped another note to Bde H.Q.;
B. Sqd was at the beach swimming this morning;

We have been living very poorly here on bully beef bread & jam, but we could not even get enough bully & at times had to make a meal of dry bread & half a pint of tea
We have been kicking up a row over it & things appear to be improving tonight being the only decent meal we have had consisting of a good stew; Thousands of Egyptians are working on the railway line, some artillery arrived yesterday here at Romani

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