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received another in its place, & on my way back found the broken line to Bde & joined it up again
The Taube apparently was only taking bearings & did not drop any bombs but made back home shortly afterwards two of our machines showed up, but the Taube was then out of sight, our planes did not get out as slick as they generally do;

I paid James a visit on my back from Bde & he snapped my horse (Mamoon) [?] having a drink of lime juice over the canteen counter out of a mug; We have decided to commence to build the stadium this evening. I have a small sore on my left elbow which is getting rather bad. Septic sets in very easy here & any scratches requires attention; Maj. Mills has been send back to Details & is to be in charge of Bouble Sqd. now forming up, & Maj Irwin is 2nd in Command of this Regt.

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