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up at Debabis yesterday afternoon as he made a line for Debabis soon after he landed, his engine had gone wrong which compelled him to land & his propellor broke when the plane hit the ground but he was not hurt
At 6 oclock this evening the 1st (?) & 2nd Regt left Oghratina & started home, when we first came here no smoking was allowed coming home from Oghratina during the night time but no objections had been raised on the last 2 or 3 trips & tonight the boys commenced singing soon after leaving Oghratina & popular songs were kept going till we arrived at Romani at 10 oclock

tonight the boys were in good spirits all the way & finished up a very trying trip without a grumble from anyone; The 2nd 3rd Regts' horses are much worse that our & they lost a good many on the trip, we managed to go through without losing any, although practically every horse was knocked up when we got into Oghratina this morning; the weather has been exceptionally hot during the last few days

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