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only a flesh wound & brought back with a bandage on,
a few hundred yards from here is a clump of palms with several wells, but the horses would not drink any as it was very bad. these wells were filled in while the rest of the troops kept the Turks at a distance our horses had had enough & although Major Granville was talking of attacking them the horses could not do the work, & we left them at 1 oclock as all the other troops were well on their way back.

We came back to Oghratina with horses & men very tired & thirsty as the day was very hot, & although everyone made the bottle of water go as far as they could they were dry long before we reached Oghratina; we arrived here about sundown & received plenty of fresh water for ourselves, & after watering & feeding the horses had only half an hour to make a drink of tea & saddle up, & feeling much refreshed started for Romani arriving in camp at 12.30 tonight with knocked up remounts as they were too soft to stand the

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