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Fri 16th
Had plenty of work to keep me occupied during the last two miles going to Bir-El-Abd this morning as the line was cut in several places & on the ground in others, but managed to get to Bir-El-Abd within 10 minutes after the arrival of the Regt to find the Turks had made themselves scarce again as usual;
I connected the phone after cutting the wire again to the east of us & sent a message through to Bde & shortly after we received a message to come in;

On our way in we passed the 2nd Regt on its way out. We arrived back at Oghratina at midday, spelled our horses till 4.30 PM & then came back to camp arriving here at 10 oclock as all the Sigs are about knocked up I have gone on duty till midnight The last time we went out after the Turks they followed us back to within a few miles

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