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a decent apology for a soldier where the lead is flying although he is good in a peace camp, but why he should get a D.S.O. has everyone beat; Still everyone knows that the man who earns honors very rarely gets them & then the Regt is asked to supply a dozen names for Christmas Honors or something of the kind & then it is nearly always the names of men who were friends of the heads & the dozen names goes in whether they have earned honors or not.

Tue 20th
We are to leave here at 3 oclock tomorrow morning on another trip after Turks; B Sqd horses are not too good & a good many are to be left behind, all the horses are falling away in condition as the water in these wells is getting more salty every day. the horses drink & eat very little; Major Irwin came out today on a visit; busy this evening preparing for the coming trip

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