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fair supply of champagne, whisky, beer & other rations & the Tommies were in too big a hurry leaving to take anything with them, a couple of days later the English officers came back to claim their champagne but they did not get much of a hearing.
We are camped within four miles of the coast. We could hear big guns booming a long way off & heard tonight that it is a monitor & two warboats shelling a Turkish position about 7 miles up from us. I am pretty tired tonight but managed to raise enough energy to walk over to the 6th Regt & saw Ted Oates & Maybury;

Fri 19th
Here we have to stand to arms at 4 oclock & one troop & a Signaller goes out on patrol every morning at 4 AM to see that no Turks have managed to get close to the camp during the night The signallers have been getting more

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