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from which 3 natives were drawing water for irrigation purposes; filled my water bottle & had a feed of "mungirie" & onions with them, I received a bit of a shock in the distance to Ezbet-Soo-Doon & it was 12 oclock when I reached there, & found & pontoon bridge had been erected across the Canal by English engineers to allow waggons to cross; also for armored motor cars which are now stationed about 20 miles on the desert, & A Sqd have a Station on the edge of the desert to keep in touch with them per helio.

Winterton & I tried to get in communication with Hassan-Pasha from the roof of a church here but failed & think there must be a village between us; We had a swim after tea then caught two centipedes & an odd scorpion or two in the blankets & then turned turned in after hearing Les had been bitten by a centipede

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