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but only killed one of ours although they dropped within a few yards of some of them & there was some very amusing incidents as both men & horses were knocked down from the shock & as some were mounted there were some comical spills; Reid led the pack horse off the lines & I took both his horse & my own, but had to let Reid's go early in the game & had an interesting time holding my own as none of the horses had bridles on, but were led from the head stalls & scores of horses soon got free & stampeded across the desert;

The sixth & seventh bombs were dropped close to the anti-aircraft gun but did not get a bully; The eighth bomb also fell amongst the 2nd & 3rd Regts & was the last & the Taube then made off & we returned to our lines to find 4 horses between us & the wireless that were wounded in the 2nd Regt & managed to go a few yards before dropping were being finished off with bullets; We had breakfast & then

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