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Wed 19th
Both my arm & influenza is much better today; The 2nd Brigade went out at 4 oclock this afternoon on another stunt. Our aeroplane dropped us a message this evening saying about 8,000 Turks were camped at Bir-El-Abd & Bir-El-Bayud & had tents & shelters up & were digging trenches & we have been busy making up marching out states & fixing up everything in case we are called out during the night, the 2nd Bde are staying at Quatia tonight instead of Oghratina;

It was rumored that we were going out next week to destroy the date crops so as the Turks would not be able to use them for food if they decided to attack us later on; About 25 % of the Regt has been sent away sick & very few of the lads left here are fit enough to do much fighting as they are all run down

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