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back at 10 oclock as they were not required. we also received orders to saddle up at 11 oclock & shortly afterwards the New Zealanders arrived back here, they only received 2 casualties in the scrap both lads being wounded; The aeroplane reported early this morning that there was about 2,000 Turks in camp & the New Zealanders approached cautiously in consequence & did not surround the camp as was first intended, but left their horses well back from the Turk's camp & advanced on foot;

The Turkish outpost opened fire on them at about 700 yards & it was a long range fight; The aeroplane dropped a bomb on a Turkish machine gun & put it out of action, & the New Zealanders had an easy job as only about 20 Turks were left in camp & the remainder (about 200) made good their escape; The Turkish casualties in camp were 18 killed 3 wounded & 3 taken

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