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exciting to watch, but all regretted that it was one of our small planes instead of the battle 'plane taking part. Our plane returned later some time later & only just managed to reach Railhead as she got a bullet through her petrol tank.
the aviator said the Taube had too much pace for him & he could not cut her off; The big battle 'plane arrived back about half an hour after the fun had finished;

Most of the men manning the anti-air-craft guns opened fire on the Taube as soon as they came in range & riddled the wings on our own 'plane which was close behind & our aviator says that accounted for his falling off in speed. the gunners were reprimanded for firing when our own machine was so close;
Staff Sergt. Stevenson (Harry) arrived today to go through the books, trying to trace some men that have been missing since we were on the Peninsula

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