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died before they reached Romani. No enemy 'planes over today for a change.

Sat 29th
Left camp at 2 oclock this morning, & only found one of the 2nd Bde patrols instead of two at Qatia, we found the Turks had entrenched on the hills two miles east of Qatia & we could not get to Bir Ayish. We were kept busy as usual with the helio all day.
One of A Sqd Sigs found Lieut Pearce shot through the heart at Bir-El-Hamisah; but there were no sign of his three men, these turned up tonight at Hill 70;
The Turks had machine guns laid everywhere today to trap us. & they had some good targets but do not seem to be able to hit mounted men; Fred

[Correctly, Capt. N. M. Pearce], 6th L.H.Regt]

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