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was cooked & on enquiring was told that Abdul wifes brother was cooking for a European in Cairo some years ago, & taught her how to cook for Europeans.
Sgt Warden & 3 troopers went to the village of Tieba for dinner today on the invitation of one of the head Egyptians there.

Morrice & Reid reported back in Minia this afternoon & are to ride out this evening; About a dozen lads made the pace a welter on the beer this afternoon & took a goose & a turkey from the village the goose I managed to get back for the native but it was a different matter with the turkey & it was reported to Mr Garbett;

Had a swim this afternoon & then played bridge & five hundred till bed time, we play cards every night & have cocoa at 9.30 & then turn in;
Received a parcel today from Ede

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