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work against the hardened horses; I was told yesterday by Major Smith that I have been promoted to Sergeant Signaller; Nelson has his commission, & Les is to be C Sqd Cpl & Winterton has been promoted to Cpl over A Sqd Sigs.
made a drink of tea tonight with the "primus" before turning in

Mon 12th
"Stand to Arms" again at 3.30 this morning & went to the canteen soon after breakfast & secured some fruit, also a fresh supply of sardines as they are handy to take out on any "stunts" & soon after coming back we had aTaube scare but the plane turned out to be our own; Two Taubes came over the camp yesterday & found us out, so dropped a few bombs on Rail Head & then gave Hill 70 a visit, wounding two Tommies there, that was all the damage they did. had a sleep till dinner time & took over Head Quarters this afternoon from Nelson

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