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pointed piece of iron riveted to the end of it, & the pipe has 3 rows of holes for 2 feet up, covered with fine gauze with another covering of coarser gauze on the outside, this is forced straight down & an ordinary handle pump to pump the water with;

We have been in the habit of having cocoa every night before retiring but tonight we found that our cocoa supply had run out, so we had poached eggs instead, & were just about to make our bed down when Abdul Moolah appeared on the scene with a kettle, teapot, glasses & Egyptian tea
I then remembered asking him to come & have tea with us, so we soon had the kettle boiling & by 10.30 was filled up with sweet tea, & enjoying a very amusing evening with Les the interpreter & Abdul Moolah;
D Troop supplied a very fair programme tonight; Was issued with a watch today

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