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fallen machine & at last dropped us a message saying she had failed to locate the machine, & then headed due west for home; We at once commenced to signal her message to Bde H.Q. but were only half way through it when the plane returned & flying within 20 feet of the ground dropped a bag of tools with a note in it saying he had located the machine to the west of us & to watch for his smoke bomb signals. we cancelled the message to Bde & sent another, that the machine was located & watched the aviator drop the smoke bombs above where the wrecked plane was, & then started off to find her.

the sun was now disappearing & we thought she was closer than she was, & after travelling 4 miles the Brigadier (Meredith) caught up to us, & as it was dusk & very rough country the Brig. said the search would have to be postponed & to make for Debabis, the Brig then made back & the advance party were called in & we found they had just come up to the plane & discovered two Bedouin chiefs with it they were taken prisoners & we could do nothing

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