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would compete for the middleweight & also found that a featherweight, a lightweight & a heavy weight would also box in their class; James then went to the Brigadier who promised him he would call a meeting of the officers & see if they would subscribe to trophies for the winners in each class & it now looks as though the tournaments are likely to come off shortly as the Brig. said he would do all in his power towards it; Several lads of the 3rd Regt have also promised to have a go for the Championship.

James came over to this Regt tonight to see the Adjutant in reference to the boxing & it was decided that I am to receive nominations & look after anything in reference to it in this Regt. he was delighted at the willing manner in which Major Granville & Capt Weir agreed to all of his suggestions & I have had orders to supply him with a horse anytime he requires one

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