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June 5 Saturday 1915
Heavy fighting during night, attacking party commenced 11 PM with rapid shell fire. Charges were made at different intervals, when our side secured some trenches and played havoc with others. The Artillary duel continued till 9. 30 AM. Major Fuller, Brigadier Ryrie on a tour of inspection through trenches shells bursting very close to our abode.
Another 4th L Horse man shot dead whilst observing. A huge piece of shell hit Sergeant Trecilial on side of body. He marvellously escaped being chopped to pieces as the piece was large & jagged. The sergeant was at the time lying in "dugout".

It is remarkable the large number of men who have been killed & wounded whilst bathing in the ocean. One or two cases where the piece of shell has entered near the thigh & severing penus from body.
Corporal Baldy had finished his swim & was walking over to his clothes when the piece caught him in stomach. He was at once taken to Hospital Ship in serious state. It is a recognized fact that the trenches are much safer than anywhere on the hill or beach. A very large percentage of the casualaties have occurred whilst the men have been going to and fro, or even lying in their dugouts resting

June 6 Sunday 1915
No casualities this morning
Everything very quiet only a few snipers at work. Major Fuller & adjutant on tour of inspection in trenches.
Divine Service held this morning 9. 30 in trenches. News received of recent successes of French & English against Germans
A poor infantryman had his two legs shot off today & died. Shells bursting very near, did no damage.
S. A. Captain conducting service on the side of steep hill this evening 7 oclock
Wrote home today
Corporal Baldy A Squadrom wounded whilst bathing 6. 30 AM

June 7 Monday 1915
No casualtys reported from our Regiment this morning. Lieu Cork off duty sick.
4 men out last night spying the Turkish positions, when our men fired at them killing one & wounding one. one missing,1 returned.
Canteen ship arrived. Quartermaster of each Squadron to go on board & buy up whatever the men require.
Early this morning a Turk was seen leaving his trench without rifle & ran to our trenches, whilst his mates fired continuously on him. On arriving at our trenches he threw himself in saying Saida, "war over." We took him prisoner, One of our machine gun men had the calf of leg blown off, whilst 2 men near him were killed today.
Padre Robertson on hospital ship today visiting

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