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June 12 Saturday 1915
No casualtiys reported early this morning to 5 AM. Since receiving reports Coporal Quintel was hit by bullet in the left eye
Shells came from the Turkish lines very rapidly this morning & a number of men were killed & wounded. The mail has arrived & will be distributed today.
Orderly Room when Les Alford was up by Major Fuller Remanded.
Letters & papers received from M & Gracie, Winnie dated 20th 29th April, also received form to sign for back pay.
Another Trooper killed this evening.
Part of enemies trench blown up today attack expected. Letters received from Maadi stating both horses & men were in good
The name of storeship on which the kits of the officers were put is
Those killed & wounded today are as follows
Bonnor seriously
Wilson lightly
Tindel lightly
Kinnic Seriously
Quintel Seriously
Those killed belonged to other regiments. Major Fuller inspecting trenches. Bullet hit his periscope & smashed it to pieces whilst surveying the Turks position.
Received 3 more letters from Home dated 25th April & 2nd May

June 13 Sunday 1915
Major Fuller inspecting trenches. No further word as to how the wounded Troopers are.
Whilst inspecting trenches Major Fuller had his Periscope smashed by bullet.
Received 3 more letters from home dated 20th April & 2nd May
Gunboats shelling Turkish positions to-day
Air o plane over Turkish trenches this evening throwing bombs.
Received paper from Australia with news of 1st landing of troops here.
Sergeant Collin & Lambourne were wounded by premature explosion of Jap bomb. C Squadron

June 14 Monday 1915
Another Trooper wounded in trenches this morning by shell. Major Fuller inspecting trenches. Lieu Smith A. S. C. up today.
Mail closed for Australia 12 PM posted letters to M. & Grace also sent pay voucher.
Just heard that Corporal Baldy. & have died from their wounds on hospital ship.
The Dr got from the AMC at Beach a bottle of meth spirits.
Major Fuller & Capt Somerville inspecting trenches tonight.
A number of wounded soldiers waiting at Beach to be conveyed to hospital ship were wounded again & one killed.

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