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Sept. 11 Saturday 1915
Working all day. The new clerks did well today, & a good deal of work was put through. The parcel department has grown so large that another building had to be secured this week

How papers are distributed to the natives for selling
Outside the paper office "Egyptian Gazette"or the "Times of Egypt"one can see a large crowd of paper boys waiting for the doors of the office to open & the papers handed out to each for distribution. As the large doors are pushed back, you see coming like a lot of wild beasts black men carrying large bundles of papers. The rush is terrific, for each man wants to get away first & those carrying the bundles are closely followed by the boys. As they tare along the street papers are handed out with the greatest rapidity & the noise & bustle can be heard a long distance away. The papers are of very little real value after all & the money is better in ones pocket. We find the news is not at all reliable & local news is of little interest to us.

Sept. 12 Sunday 1915
Had to work till dinner time, went out to see Watkins at Mustaphoo, took him his pay. & some papers to read. Took another tram, & went out to 19 Gen Hosp to see Major Oatley. He told me Major Fuller had gone to England suffering from Bronchitis. Arrived back to hotel 4. 30 PM, wrote to Major Fuller after tea, went to church with Pethard splendid service barely attended. Went round to Y. M. C. A. to another evangelistic service. Many soldiers were present, & the building will be most useful as a home for the men in this city.

Sept. 13 Monday 1915
Working all day. Just heard that Lieu Huxtable who left Alexandra 30th August for Dardinelles, was on the "Southend"when she was topordoed off Lemnos Island a day or two later. About 25 were drowned, owing to their jumping overboard. The Col in charge died of heart failure. The boat contained a large number of troops for the front.

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