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March 6 Saturday 1915
Mounted parade this morning. Letter from Home dated 16th Jan
After lunch, sports were held during afternoon, ended up with Boxing contest, a number of civilians came to see the Buckjumping.

March 7 Sunday 1915
Queenslander 5th Reg died & buried today in Cairo.
Church parade. Major Fuller & Col in command.
Col Cox & Major Fuller out Helipolis in Brigade motor car.
I went to Cairo to see museum Statues, Mummies, Coffins, Ancient Boats carved wood & stone endless variaties Axe heads – Daggers, Kings crowns – gold bangles of every description

March 8 Monday 1915
Full dress parade today in marching order consist of Saddles,bridly, Blanket under saddle, mess behind saddle. Overcoats in front also bush? nose bag containing feed 12 lbs Oats per day. Canvas water bucket,head ropes & peg, wire clippers, spare horse shoes, oil sheet man carries Gun, bandolier, Belt pouches, water bottle, Haversack.
Brigadier General Birdwood personally superintended operation, & kept the whole brigade out till after 1 oclock.
Meeting of officers tonight when a lecture was given by General Walker
Man had his leg broken on parade - Sent Maude parcel D. P & Pip

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