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August 21 Saturday 1915
Working all day. preparing for a lot of wounded mail to return
It is reported that a large number of Australian mail bags were destroyed by shrapnel striking the lighter at Anzac Cove. It seems that the mail was fresh direct from Australia, & in consequence the loss will be great. It is remarkable the few losses sustained at that spot, for there is a regular fall of shells throughout the day at boats coming close to the shore. When the shrapnel bursts in the air Fleesy white smoke issues from the shell & floats about for quite a time before dispersing. The Pellets scatter not anyhow, but are thrown forward something like 500 yds. The shell itself nearly always fall to the ground dead, & thousands could be seen lying about the Hills. Some soldiers collect the cases & give them to the navy men in return for bread etc. Unexploded shells are often found & I know of one instance of a man trying to unscrew the top of one of these when it exploded, & blew him to bits.
There are at present in Alexandra a company of artillery men with very heavy guns waiting to go to the Dardinelles but at present no way can be found to unload & land these guns on account of their size.

August 22 Sunday 1915
Went to church this morning. Have been reported for not going to work. Will have to face the O. C. tomorrow.
Went out with Corp Grice to Ramely by tram, we ran along the beach most of the time. The trip was a beautiful one through avenues of trees & Date Palms. One can see hospitals all along the line with soldiers of all nations quartered. I went with a friend to church Trooper Pethard who is a Methodist & comes from Victoria. The church was full.

August 23 Monday 1915
Working all day. A number of the men had half holiday today.
News been received of another "Dreadnought"of the Germans being sunk by a Russian man-of-war.
Posted letters home to Maude & Mother.
It is peculiar to see the kerosine carts driving about the streets, distributing kerosine to householders as though it were milk, in fact the occupants of the householdes can simply order anything from a cup of coffee to a suite of furniture & it is immediately brought for ones approval or otherwise.

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